Importance of SMART Digital Marketing

According to a study by Harvard, an individual with set goals is 10 times more likely to find success than one without goals, additionally, with written goals one is 3 times more successful than those with goals not written down.

What are SMART Objectives?

How To Set Goals: Tips and Tricks for Setting Goals | Grammarly

SMART Objectives are a guide to helping one set a clear and elaborated goal. A sense of direction, motivation, clarity of a goal is provided when following this template of goal setting. Making achieving a goal easier and more successful.

Importance of SMART in Digital Marketing

S – Specific
Goals should be well-defined not vague. Being specific with a digital marketing strategy is key in not leading the team involved astray of the initial goal. Resulting in efficient, effective and accurate results.
It can be easily accomplished by making use of the 5W’s.

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  • Who is involved in the goal
  • What are you trying to accomplish
  • When should it be accomplished by
  • Where are you carrying out the goal
  • Why are you setting this goal

M – Measurable
There should be a criteria set that you should meet in order to deem your goal as accomplished. This criteria should have “checkpoints” to show that you are making progress in accomplishing your goal. Measuring your progress is important so you are aware if you are behind on your progress or if changes need to be made to ensure the progress is on the right track.

A – Actionable
Data and information gathered while achieving this goal should be able to facilitate improvement and actionable change. Being able to set goals that are attainable and able to be put into action realistically is key in a digital marketing strategy. Physical tasks set to achieving the goal is said to have 40% more success than without. Additionally, this ensures that the team is on the same page with the things that they are doing.

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R – Relevant
Steps taken to achieve the goal should be related to the goal you are trying to reach.
In a digital marketing strategy where a goal is to increase brand awareness, deciding on having a sale for the brand would not be relevant to the goal, in this case, it should be building public relations or creating more content for social media.

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T – Time Related
Deadlines must be set to the goal you are trying to achieve. In digital marketing goals set could be for improving sales, consumer traffic or conversion rate of customers all of which are measurable by numbers.
Each progressive goal with a deadline ensures steady and consistent growth for the brand. Deadlines will:

  • Encourage completion of goal
  • Encourage consistent work flow
  • Clear expectations set to team involved with the goal
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In conclusion,
In a Digital Marketing Strategy, it is important to implement these SMART points

  • Goal should be defined with the help of the 5W’s
  • Qualitive & Quantitative checkpoints or criteria used to check progress
  • Ensure goal is achievable in reality
  • Implement steps and actions relevant to achieving the goal
  • Set a realistic deadline for the goal

6 responses to “Importance of SMART Digital Marketing”

  1. Hello! I do like the conciseness of the whole blog post! The points made were clear, short and sweet. This blog would be good for anyone who just needed a little refresher when writing about their own digital marketing proposals. However, some more in-depth information and points could have been made such as a stronger explanation of some points but that perspective may not be for the general audience. The added images are very appealing too since they follow a similar theme as well! Good read, looking forward to the next post!


  2. I love how you have clear headers and images to support each point. This makes it easier for readers to understand and remember the points stated in the post. Will be great if you can also include some examples of businesses that have utilised the SMART goals strategy.


  3. Hi KaiShi,
    Another interesting blog again! I like the fact that you have explained in detail each section of SMART goal. It was simple, concise and enjoyable to read.

    However, to elevate your blog even further, you can give an example for each section of how SMART goal should be crafted. This will give readers a better approach to take when writing their SMART goals.

    I have also noticed that there were images used. In terms of designs and colours, they were consistent and eye-catching. Keep up the good work!

    I hope that this feedback will help you in your future blogs and I look forward to reading more! Cheers!


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